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enable search to also look in Category pages and all namespaces (by default)
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I searched for "dll" on my wiki, but didn't get the result I was looking for, which is a category page ( I tried the "everything" option in the search, but even that didn't show it. Is there a setting/extension that needs to be enabled? I didn't see anything in the settings...

Also, is there a setting to enable searching in ALL namespaces by default (I know I can change my preference, but I want to enable it for all my users as well)?

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PixDeVl subscribed.

Close as invalid, search by default is not a Phorge matter. You can enable this on the page Special:ManageWiki/namespaces on your own wiki( Also, making all namespaces searchable is likely not a great idea, for the end reader but if you want to go ahead.

(Also for better search that may be in the domain of CirrusSearch, but from what I can tell revit does not meet the requirments for it to be enabled)