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Replace current wiki with attached wikidump
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Hello Miraheze folx,

I'm writing here because I'm not sure if this should go to this page or here. Please redirect me to the right place if I need to take this elsewhere.

So, my current wiki project, /, is being "reset" and we're using an old wiki dump to start the development of our conworld all over. I have a wiki dump file that I would like to restore in its place to keep everything in the same wiki (rather than requesting a new one and archiving the old one and moving the domain name to the new wiki, yada yada yada).

Could y'all do that if I provide you with the wiki dump file?

Thank you!

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Collei triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 24 2024, 21:34
Collei added a project: ImportDump.

@Edgard Hi, just to confirm that you'd like your entire wiki deleted (content, images,etc.) and replaced by this XML?

Hi! Yes, that is correct. Thank you!

Hello, is there any update on this? THank you in advance!

Hey - just wanted to check on this, I'm not sure if it was completed. Thank you! @Reception123

Reception123 claimed this task.

Reset completed. Please use Special:RequestImport for the XML dump.