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Replace RfRW with an extension
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Per Agent on #miraheze (IRC)/#general (Discord). The plan is a ImportDump/RequestSSL-like extension, with a queue of requests. There are two ideas, first to make the process of reopening wikis much easier for both the Stewards and users, and second, to allow non-Stewards to potentially handle these requests.

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OrangeStar created this task. repository created, currently a copy of, I'm in the process of renaming stuff. After that will give it the ability to reopen closed wikis, then install it on mirabeta, do some testing, and give it the okay. Shouldn't take too long, will hopefully be able to end this one by the weekend.

OrangeStar removed a project: OrangeStar.

@OrangeStar would you like me to create a project here on Phorge for this?

OrangeStar claimed this task.

@Universal_Omega Don't think that's going to be needed.

It has been suggested to do this on CreateWiki/ManageWiki. Therefore, this is now declined.