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Share image files between and
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After asking about $wgForeignFileRepos as a method of sharing image files between two sites, Labster suggested: We do support setting custom values for wg variables, you can make a pull request on GitHub in miraheze/mw-config.

I've not done this before and don't know the desired values for the elements in $wgForeignFileRepos. So, I need assistance. The requirement is relatively simple. Upload images to and be able to use them there and in (private).

Is $wgForeignFileRepos the best approach? Can Miraheze set it up?

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This can be done in Special:ManageWiki/settings using the configs, $wmgSharedUploadBaseUrl, $wmgSharedUploadClientDBname, $wmgSharedUploadDBname, and $wmgEnableSharedUploads.

Trying Universal_Omega's suggestion -
After making these setting changes, I could not see all of the files on from Should all existing files be visible? (public)
$wmgSharedUploadClientDBname: ndgwiki (private)
$wmgSharedUploadDBname: nenawikiwiki
$wmgEnableSharedUploads: (enabled)