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Editcount extension issue
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When I read the edit count using the {{Special:Editcount/user[/namespace]}} code using an extension, I got the message "This tool allows you to view a given user's edit count across all namespaces."
I would like it to be called only for the number of edits. Originally, it was like that, but after the 1.41 update it became strange.
This message will be displayed next to the number of edits.
For example if I use the code like this it will look like this.

image.png (34×253 px, 2 KB)

image.png (73×537 px, 13 KB)

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This is unfortunately intentional behavior in the extension now, and it can't necessarily be changed, however I believe there may be a workaround, try setting MediaWiki:Editcount-before to be completely blank, so there is no content there. That may help the issue. Only closing as invalid because this doesn't require an SRE action.