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Guest users are unable to load the file resource for Skin:Metrolook.
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Feb 18 2024, 20:02
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F2724311: image.png
Feb 18 2024, 20:02
F2724314: image.png
Feb 18 2024, 20:02
F2724306: image.png
Feb 18 2024, 20:02
F2724304: image.png
Feb 18 2024, 20:02


List of steps to reproduce:

  • Access the Wiki.
  • Log out if you logged in.
  • The user icon in the upper right corner and the magnify icon for the search box are not displayed.

Note: If you can't reproduce this after you log out, access it with another browser you don't normally use (e.g. Firefox) and it will reproduce.

What happens?:
The files that cannot be loaded refer to the /1.40/ directory, not /1.41/.
The following files cannot be loaded:

What should have happened instead?:
The correct URL should also be referenced at logout.

Browser information, screenshots and other applicable information:

image.png (266×844 px, 34 KB)
Error logs on Firefox
image.png (361×1 px, 74 KB)
Chrome 121.0.6167 / Windows 11 (Displayed correctly)
image.png (301×1 px, 66 KB)
Firefox 122.0 / Windows 11 (Same PC but not displayed correctly)
image.png (343×1 px, 79 KB)
Chrome 121.0.6167 / Zorin OS 17 (Other PC. Not displayed correctly)

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Pneuma claimed this task.

I looked at it today and it appears correctly.
Maybe it was the cache server.