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Rename theresnothingbetterwiki ->
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Please rename theresnothingbetterwiki to kanrikyarawiki, changing the URL as well.

We lost a member of our project, and by going public we need to change the name of the IP as a result. (The full name is on the main page, if you're curious)

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labster triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 15 2024, 01:49
labster created this task.

As the founding admin of the wiki, I confirm that Labster has permission to make this request.

Reception123 claimed this task.
labster raised the priority of this task from Normal to High.

Unfortunately, I can no longer log into this wiki. I have tried several times, deleting cookies, deleting local storage, going to Special:UserLogout on multiple wikis, trying on different devices, using private windows, and nothing works. I can login on Meta, and that cookie will work on Meta and all other wikis, but not on

Can you please attach this wiki to CentralAuth? Thanks!

Fixed with invalidateUserSessions. Unfortunately, renames are not straightforward and things like this sometimes happen