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Enable VisualEditor & Tabs extensions on
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Description wiki

I would like to request the VisualEditor and Tabs extensions be enabled on this wiki please. The VisualEditor extension would be a boon to editors who don't know how to use wikitext (of which there were a few on the old fandom wiki) and the Tabs extension would be helpful for structuring pages.

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PixDeVl subscribed.

Both of these extensions are available on Special:ManageWiki, so any local bureaucrat on the wiki can enable them themselves. In this case, that seems to be User:MiloTalk. I'd suggest reaching out to them on their talk page if you don't have other communication channels. In general, you don't need to make a Phab ticket unless it's an extension locked to only be enabled by Stewards like SMW.

PixDeVl changed the task status from Resolved to Invalid.Feb 12 2024, 23:03

Excuse my language, but what? I was the one who requested the wiki be created, why is someone else the bureaucrat (unless they're Miraheze staff or something)?

It appears you provided the wrong wiki in task description, you probably meant, which you are a bureaucrat on, you are not a bureaucrat on

Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! It never occurred to me someone else would try to make a wiki for the game here. I'll go and apologise to MiloTalk for accidentally taking over their wiki and get to work on mine.