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Miraheze wiki

Original wiki URL (where the content comes from):
Which of the following is your import? (use 'X' in the empty box)

  1. Import from Wikipedia (or other similar site)
  2. Fork from other wiki (some users are staying at original wiki)
  3. Migration from other wiki (all or most users are moving to Miraheze)

Please import XML, images and settings. Replacing the current

Dumps are at

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Do you want me to delete the current wiki and recreate and then import, or do you want me to import it overtop the current wiki?

What's the difference going to be afterwards?

What's the difference going to be afterwards?

Resetting the wiki will mean it will be inline with version, just importing will mean it will basically merge the two differences I guess

Reset the wiki please. Somehow I have more confidence in resetting the wiki, although preferences will be lost and last time some page content models had to be corrected.

Do you use extensions like TemplateStyles?

Universal_Omega changed the task status from Open to In progress.Feb 9 2024, 22:01

Last question, do you want to use or for domain name?

Anyway, besides the above question, this is done. please

Thanks :-)

At there are error messages such as: Script error: No such module "Unsubst". However the module is there at and has the correct page content model.

How do I fix this please?

Please can this be reverted and done again, the wiki now has errors.
Only the latest changes from WikiTide version need importing over the Miraheze version.
I was the only editor while it was at WikiTide.

This comment was removed by Rob_Kam.

Please restore the Miraheze backup of this wiki. I can copy over the changes from WikiTide since November 2023 myself.