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itinerantworlds - db is reset?
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  • According to the original wiki requester's Discord chat, s/he has created several pages on this wiki
  • However, all the wiki pages are gone, and all the previously automatically created accounts appear to have been erased

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1108-Kiju triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 8 2024, 00:03
1108-Kiju created this task.
Reception123 subscribed.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any evidence that this wiki could've been reset or deleted. No one other than myself has done deletions/drops as far as I'm aware and all the ones I do are in Phorge pastes and I can't find any evidence of itinerantworldswiki being deleted or even recreated. I'm really not sure how this could have happened and would need more details from the user. Since it's very hard to reproduce and an error like this has never been reported before, I unfortunately would have to recommend that the user starts over given that they said they did very little.

If for some reason there was something very important on the wiki, we can try to get it back from the general backups.