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At least one of my pages won't allow me to edit it. The option is missing from that page. I know there was a database issue recently so I waited several hours, but it's still not allowing me to edit the page.

I am new to Miraheze and making Wikis, so I don't know how much detail is needed in a report like this. Or if we should even add hyperlinks to a task when we create it.

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OrangeStar subscribed.

We need to know which one is your wiki and what page is missing the edit button.

Reception123 triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 5 2024, 18:27
Reception123 subscribed.

@OrangeStar if you have time when replying to tasks, don't hesitate to also triage them :)

WatcherWiki claimed this task.

It looks like the problem has resolved itself.

Thanks for your time.