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Assistance with WT->Mira Migration
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Requesting special attention with wikitide migration ( to Miraheze.

  • Due to a previous unfixed issue, I cannot log in to my wiki in order to manually migrate it.
  • My miraheze username is different (LithiumRx vs Lithium - emails / pws match) which I believe will make an automatic transfer an issue, in addition to the above.

See previous:

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labster raised the priority of this task from Normal to High.May 15 2024, 19:39
OrangeStar lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Fri, Jun 21, 12:01
OrangeStar subscribed.

There's a backup dating September 2023 at, it seems.

The proper backups at the old WikiTide infrastructure are long gone, that's the only backup available.

@LithiumRx is the backup ok for importing into a new wiki?


Yes - it's all we have to work with anyway so we'd prefer that over nothing. :)