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Automatic functionality of Related Articles feature not working
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Despite having it set up to work, RelatedArticles is not automatically fetching articles from the API and providing the proper footer links. I was able to make it work manually on the page below by adding two articles to display manually.

Manual Related Pages code

{{#related:Nazi Germany}}
{{#related:Joseph Goebbels}}

We would like to have Related Pages work automatically, with manual override as a fallback option, based on the options available in the wiki configuration, I believe it is misconfigured on the backend or not all configuration options required as specified at the page below are available to make it function properly:

Event Timeline

I think this is not a bug actually. The extension depends on CirrusSearch's "morelike" to locate related articles automatically, according to Help:Extension:RelatedArticles. We need to add $wgRelatedArticlesUseCirrusSearch, as well as $wgRelatedArticlesOnlyUseCirrusSearch to ManageWiki.

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Should be fixed