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CirrusSearch Request - Deploy first, then enable.
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We would like CirrusSearch to be deployed on our two sites, and

Our preference would be to enable it only on our testing site ( so that we can test it and prepare instructions on how our users should use it.
Then, we would enable it on our public production site (

So, if it is deployed and then enabled like other extensions and included in ManageWiki, that would be how we'd like to proceed. Is that possible?

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CirrusSearch is in a "beta phase" for now and only wikis that have the following requirements can request it for the time being. Unfortunately, not even the main NENA production site meets the requirements currently. @Agent_Isai how long do you think the "beta phase" will take until general availability?

Be a public wiki
Have over 5 active users (excluding bots)
Have over 1,000 content pages

They've been waiting a very long time for it. I'd be okay with them trying it out.

Great, if you're fine with it I'll go ahead and enable!

Reception123 claimed this task.

Should be enabled and working now