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Disable Upload Wizard Tutorial and Remove Creative Commons selection on
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The Upload Wizard offers a tutorial containing Wikimedia Commons-specific verbiage and a license prompt that is also not applicable for a private internal documentation wiki. These can be disabled, but the settings to do so are not exposed through the Special:ManageWiki interface, so I'm hoping this request is the correct place for this.

I'm new to Wikimedia administration, so let me know if my understanding is wrong anywhere. This is based on my limited reading of the page for UploadWizard.

To disable the tutorial, we should set tutorial under $wgUploadWizardConfig as follows:

$wgUploadWizardConfig = [
	'tutorial' => [
	 	'skip' => true
		], // Skip the tutorial

To disable the Creative Commons license selection prompt, we'll need to set licensing under $wgUploadWizardConfig as follows:

$wgUploadWizardConfig = [
	'licensing' => [
		'ownWorkDefault' => 'own',
		'ownWork' => [
			'type' => 'or',
			'template' => 'licensing', // this adds a link to Template:Licensing to the file info page
			'licenses' => [

I should be able to create Template:Licensing on my own, I think.

Let me know if there any questions or issues. Thanks!

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Hey, since it seems you know your way around configuring MediaWiki, you may be interested in knowing that our MediaWiki configuration is public, available at a GitHub repo called mw-config. If you'd like and have a GitHub account, you can submit a Pull Request with your desired changes there. Otherwise, someone from SRE will handle this soon.

You may find somewhat helpful, though that documentation is still nowhere near finished.

Haha, I'm just a Programmer, so I only wrote what I think would be the steps involved to try to make this ticket straightforward to close out. This is the most I've ever looked at configuring MediaWiki.

I see some good examples though so I might try my hand at a PR to accomplish this if time permits. Thanks for the pointer, this is really useful to know!