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Migrate databases to new cloud servers
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This is already in progress but I thought it'd be useful to document it on Phabricator.

We're following the instructions on [[Tech:MariaDB]] to create replication. Currently, we're on the first step of copying the data over. As it stands, it seems to be progressing at a rate of 4GB/hr for most database servers. db131 and db141 might finish as soon as maybe 9-12 hours (they've been running for around 15 hours already). db101 and db121 are significantly bigger for some reason and will take a longer while to finish.

Servers are being migrated as follows:

db101 -> db151
db121 -> db161
db131 -> db171
db141 -> db181

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Agent_Isai triaged this task as Normal priority.Jan 26 2024, 18:27
Agent_Isai created this task.

Due to the above-closed task, we were forced to migrate early. We didn't do replication and instead just copied /srv/mariadb/ over from each old db server.

We did this in ~12 hours by not saving the zip file to the slow drive and then scping it but rather by zipping the directory to stdout and piping that through SSH onto the new server. Below is the command I used, in case it may become useful in the future:

zip -r - /srv/mariadb | ssh -i /home/dbcopy/.ssh/id_ed25519 "cat - > /home/dbcopy/"