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Add message to Special:Import discouraging the use of Wikipedia templates
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It's a common problem that people try to import Infoboxes from Wikipedia, then get lost in all of the Lua modules and WikiData and such. And then ask us for support. I've also tried importing non-infobox templates from enwp in the same manner and then spent an hour and a half undoing the result my naive beliefs.

I'm not sure exactly what message should be added to Special:Import on all wikis, but it should probably:

  1. Discourage and provide a short explanation why
  2. Link to a longer explanation and FAQ on Meta
  3. Link to a template library of portable templates

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labster triaged this task as Low priority.Jan 24 2024, 10:36
labster created this task.

I'd be glad to write an interface message for that but my main issue is that we don't in fact have an fully comprehensive FAQ explanation and other guides for using templates and infoboxes.

I've been told now that exists so I think what I'll do is add a message saying:
"Please note that importing infoboxes from Wikipedia is unlikely to work as expected, see [[M:Infoboxes|this page]] for more details"