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Special:RandomWiki returns closed wikis
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This is less than awesome to return wikis that don't exist. I was sent a link to both sibiryakswiki and wakandawiki which are both gone, @PixDeVl who reported to me also saw a few.

It seems similar to T7444 so I can probably manage to do this one myself to get the easy PR.

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Pull request in

This new version should be a little bit faster as well. The main problem being that CreateWiki is a bit hard to install so this isn't tested yet, just linted.

This is mostly fixed, the only thing is that it "inactive" mode redirects to an empty subdomain when there are no inactive wikis... which we is currently true due to unrelated issues with the wiki deletion script.

I can either redirect to meta, or just hide "inactive" in this case.

I'm not working on this now, but in WikiDiscoverWikisPager::getQueryInfo() I just noticed joins_conds and I'm sure that's a typo for join_conds. Since it's an empty array it has zero effect on the code but could introduce a bug later. Reminder to fix.