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Images (from specific user) can't be approved in "Moderation"
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Jan 13 2024, 18:22
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Apr 27 2024, 18:32
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Reporting from the Mental Block wiki (where we've enabled the Moderation feature to prevent spam), there's a specific user - not sure if any other users can encounter that error, I certainly can't - who seems to have difficulties uploading certain images, since we can't approve them.

Specifically, when trying to do so, we get greeted by the message "This upload can't be approved: image is missing from the stash (probably deleted by the user via Special:UploadStash)." It could be an issue on the user's end, but they assure me they haven't touched the "stash"; and what's strange is that this isn't the case for all their images, as some of them can be approved without issue.

We could elevate the user's rights, but first I'd like to check if it's some internal error on Miraheze's end.
Any help is appreciated.

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Yes, it does. Only for certain images, though, and seemingly arbitrarily. I just attempted to approve about 15, and 14 were successful. In other cases, it was more like 1/15.

Any ideas for a fix of any kind? This has been happening for more than four or five months at this point, and more than one user on our wiki seems to be affected.

EDIT: Attached, just in case, are images showing the list of pending images in Moderation (from two different users, each censored via a different color bar), as well as the rejection messages I've received, plus the one I receive when I attempt to approve just one image.