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504 Gateway Time-out Error
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504 Gateway Time-out Error

Wiki: Onlyonewiki


I can access this wiki in the logout state, but when I login, I cannot access it because 504 Gateway Time-out Error occurs.

I'm bureaucrat in this wiki, and it is private wiki.

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I can confirm this is happening for me as well. The issue I can see is:

2024-01-07 14:35:46 22210437 [Warning] Aborted connection 22210437 to db: 'onlyonewiki' user: 'mediawiki' host: '<REDACTED>' (Got an error reading communication packets)
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Needs T11316#227973 applied.

Does this still happen?

Sorry for late response, but Sakurapedia is working fine at the moment so good on my end. However, I'm still keeping tabs on it in case of a recurrence.

I can't speak for the other two users in here who reported issues with their communities.

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I think the fix I reapplied for the issue must have worked then. If this happens again, please reopen.