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[ACCESS REQUEST] New access for Owen
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Shell name: owen
SSH Key (if new access): ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIIdKAqYfHpbp72ZmbDbafkxsbV+ysvn2JjDFU0QL2N1O owen@miraheze
Requested access: SRE

Rationale for access: Building and working on TSPortal server side - and potentially look at introducing a server-side AI program rather than utilising PHP code to ineffectively handle this. From an existing structure perspective, a closely aligned role with what I want to look at doing from a professional side is Data Engineer - I would love to look at our structure for data and logging to see if we can implement other solutions to improve alerting and trend identifying.

  • shell
  • icinga
  • ldap
  • on wiki rights
  • staffwiki
  • GitHub (owner)
  • phab admin
  • phab projects/badges
  • OVH
  • ProxMox

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Sounds good to me. Though I'll note that looking into our logging and alerting infrastructure (as well as IDS) is one of my long term goals (from a SecOps perspective). Please reach out to me with ideas.

since Owen already has a ldap account, he just needs adding to the relevant sre groups.

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Paladox updated the task description. (Show Details)