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[ACCESS REQUEST] New access for Zppix
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Shell name:zppix
SSH Key (if new access): ecdsa-sha2-nistp521 AAAAE2VjZHNhLXNoYTItbmlzdHA1MjEAAAAIbmlzdHA1MjEAAACFBAApmckfIL5V8DC+0RL5ifv5HHIRFKvvTlfNBE2fKKOeELNUgpjbgeOKyeIKor2OC8k67HJfVq5Bioev8ZlJIPTNygGYpa8YzY7casPNkUJ02W45WC8/H2JudZwRxrG9Tb+rSOInvYVrJGbIXK8eYrx4rMNCfqyb+9nB85jfAUswePVGaQ== Generated By Termius

Requested access: SRE

Rationale for access: consistent backlog of SRE tasks that need completed. I was a previous SRE member some years ago, I mainly handled SSL, Imports, the occasional config change, and a large focus on keeping the jobrunners in good condition. Considering I am apart of the group that will be keeping Miraheze running, I would like to expand on that by helping out in a technical way as well.

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Note: I have a current NDA on file with MH LTD

MacFan4000 added subscribers: Void, MacFan4000.

Since an NDA is already signed, this just needs approval from @Void.

Thank you for your request. However, after careful consideration and taking into account past experiences, unfortunately I am unable to approve this request. Additionally, the rational for access is no longer accurate due to some changes.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you wish to discuss further.

Thank you!