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Error and slow wiki
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so, I made something on ManageWiki, and it says this error

Captura de Pantalla 2023-11-29 a la(s) 3.29.31 p.m..png (365×975 px, 92 KB)

And the wiki is pretty slow

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Emicraftnoob triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Nov 29 2023, 21:31
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Is this issue still persistent? Also, can you please link to your wiki and specify more details about what you were trying to do so we can see if we can reproduce the issue while investigating?


I would like to start by apologizing on the project's behalf that your task was not resolved within a reasonable time. The community has now decided via RfC to merge with WikiTide and former volunteers will be returning and new ones will likely join. A wait such as this one is unlikely to occur again.

Since your task has been opened for a long time, please let us know if (1) you still need it to be done or (2) if it's a bug: if it's still occurring.

NOTE: This is a mass message and not specific to any particular task.


Since no response to the latest question has been received in a while, we must assume that this task is no longer needed and will now be closing it as Declined. (This is simply to indicate to us that the task was not done)

If you still need this task and are able to respond, please feel free to reopen this task and indicate that it is still needed and we will start working on it. I would like to apologize once again for any inconvenience caused by this task not being resolved within a reasonable time.