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Configuration of Popups extension
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Hey there! I have just enabled the popups extension and it works great! I do have an issue I am trying to fix though.

In the summary window, it looks like image captions are being included in the summary window, when I don't want them to be. It looks like this is a configurable setting in the config options like so:

$wgPopupsConf['contentPreviews'] = [
  'image' => true,    // Set this to true to show the image
  'description' => false, // Set this to false to hide the image caption

I don't see contentPreviews (and specifically, description) as an available option to be configured for this plugin. Is there any way to have this either exposed in the extension settings panel or have description: false set for our wiki?

Note that we use a CNAME for our wiki. I'm not sure what the Miraheze URL is, but we point to

Miraheze wiki

Thanks in advance for all of your work and support.