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504 Gateway Time-out
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Essentially, users who try accessing Sakurapedia while logged into their account experience this problem (slow loading / getting this message). Logging in works fine on Meta proper and most other communities.

Last time anything was edited was Thursday night (10/19/2023) my time (Friday morning, 10/20/2023 UTC), so I am not sure if something broke between then and the update yesterday, or things were fine before the update. (Also not sure if other communities are getting the same problem, or just this one)

Hopefully there aren't any issues with templates or something that are causing this problem (in the sense that some of them may be using outdated coding / things that aren't supported under MediaWiki 1.40).

Essentially, logged in users cannot access (but if logged out, they can access the site / its contents). Another thing I did notice (again, not sure if only I'm getting this problem or other people have similar issues) is that logging in on another site is fine, but going onto Sakurapedia logs out.

Could this be checked out? Thanks.

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RespectMat renamed this task from 504 Gateway Time-out to We demand respect and honesty! Stop lying to us and saying everything is swell and your working hard. Instead of telling us why don't you SHOW US with actual FACTS and ACTIONS. People should just leave this swamp unless the management promises to actually help which they are not doing they are just disrespecting us users and think they are better than us .Oct 23 2023, 10:18
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I don't know what that person is trying to do by hijacking my request ticket, but yeah, if any assistance can be provided with addressing this 504 problem, that'd be appreciated.

They're just disgruntled at the level of service after the great resignation of June 2023, that's all.

I'm aware about the resignations and how that's affecting things at the moment. If it'll take a while for things to be handled, I understand.

Let me know if there's any other info I can provide that will make handling this ticket easier for you all.

Paladox triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 24 2023, 11:57
Void claimed this task.

Deploying a fix now.

Doesn't seem to be fully resolved.

Its happening to me, in SnowballaspediA, please help!

Void closed this task as Resolved.EditedOct 28 2023, 01:58

Fixed with a hack locally, upstream task (private) still needs to be resolved.

Note that group auto-promotion using APCOND_BLOCKED ("Must be blocked" in ManageWiki) has been disabled for the time being.

At the moment, I can login now so that problem seems to be clear.

Though I suppose another issue is that it now generates a User Talk page with IP addresses when doing moderation approvals (in this case, approving the welcome bot's auto creating a page for Paladox); I don't think it should be generating IP addresses for logged in users when edits are made. If I need to make another ticket about this item, I will at a later time after some checking.

I'd ask what exactly caused this problem / what I can do on my side to minimize its recurrence in the future, but you all are still looking into the problem.

Either way, thanks for the fix. Hopefully things will be okay for the time being.