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Setup system message translation
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Miraheze wiki

I’d like to add these contents into LocalSettings.php:

$wgHooks['TranslatePostInitGroups'][] = function ( &$list, &$deps, &$autoload ) {
	$id = 'local-sys-msg';
	$mg = new WikiMessageGroup( $id, 'local-messages' );
	$mg->setLabel( 'Local System Messagss' );
	$mg->setDescription( 'Messages used specially on this wiki.' );
	$list[$id] = $mg;
	return true;

Therefore, I can translate system messages on my wiki.

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Potential vandalism from user "RespectMat".

@JerryHan3 Checkout The way that file works is just a big switch statement, which holds custom code for the wikis, just add a case for your wiki, paste it there, and submit a pull request.

I've submitted the pull request #5346.

Unknown Object (User) closed this task as Resolved.Dec 28 2023, 11:43

Merged. Will be auto-deployed in a few minutes.