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Hello, there's probably more than a few external wikis that might want to migrate here, but losing all registered accounts without a way to recover them is a big disincentive. I know because my community was almost destroyed in the process.

Therefore I'm proposing to add the extension MigrateUserAccount, which highly simplifies the migration. I learned about it yesterday when I migrated my minecraft wiki account from Fandom to Weird Gloop, and it was very user-friendly and effective.
Thanks in advance.

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Agent_Isai claimed this task.

This extension seems to be incompatible with the shared accounts system of CentralAuth.

I knew it was too good to be true... Anyways, any help with migrating accounts would mean a lot, it's literally keeping people from moving their wikis no matter how bad their hosts are.
If not that specific extension, we'd take literally anything else. Old users keep popping up and I have to tell them they have to prove their identity on Fandom and then restart from zero anyways because their old accounts is inaccessible, no wonder many just give up.