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obeymewiki changing hosts
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The Obey Me Wiki ( is now in the process of changing hosts to become self-hosted. I'm not really sure what that means in relation to what needs done here on Miraheze, but I remember reading somewhere that host changing needs to be done through phabricator in some fashion.

Currently, the scheduled time for beginning the process of changing hosts is July 7 at 22:00 PDT.

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We'd be more than happy to delete your wiki once that's done, if you so wish it.

The move seems to have been a success and nothing is missing or broken, so yes it would be fine to delete the wiki from Miraheze now. Thank you.

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It looks like The Obey Me Wiki was never closed or deleted from Miraheze? The redirect to seems to be gone now, but pages are still live and showing up in some search results.

Would someone please either reinstate the redirect of all pages to, or close and delete the wiki here? If both could be done in case search results continue to show the wrong URL, that would be even better.

We don’t redirect wikis to wikis hosted by someone else and the wiki will be closed in due process due to inactivity and it hitting the dormacy policy.

Having it deleted sooner should be requested on

Okay thank you, I made my request there.