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DBQueryError when creating account in wiki
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Hello, I'm the sysop of miraheze wiki
When users want to create a new account on the wiki, they get the following DBQueryError:
[9efbf3a8467cd7c0f4c03c41] 2023-06-24 15:08:45: "Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBQueryError" important exception

I got this DBQueryError once when I wanted to upload a file too, but then it worked on my second try.

I tried creating username with 2 different names, and one user tried 2 different usernames. Both did not worked.

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Unloaded most of the extensions, and it worked. I believe it is because of some extensions clashing. I will add all extensions step-by-step and will write the problematic one (if they are not clashing but only has problem).

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Conflicting extensions wouldn't be the issue, since ManageWiki will reject any changes that would result in two or more extensions clashing.

@wizardpotato_ apologies for the extremely delayed response, is this problem still happening?

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No response. Please reply if you still need assistance.