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Remove CNAME for (dbname solarawiki)
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Hi! In light of the recent scare that Miraheze was going under, I have switched to my own hosting. I'd like to first thank Miraheze for all they've done over the past ~2-3 years to get my wiki off the ground.

As I understand it, you have a CNAME record on your end for, as I see still redirects there. If you could, please remove that CNAME record so that works as if we never had a custom domain. This way, I can still provide a means for our users to verify their identity using Special:EmailUser. With the username/email combo, I can update the new installation so they are able to login.

I'm hoping we can have the Miraheze-hosted site up for another few weeks, as we only managed to get 5 of our editors set up on the new server before I switched over traffic.

If you prefer, I can let you know when it's OK to delete solarawiki entirely, or we can let it die off naturally.

Thanks as always!

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I've removed the custom domain. Whenever you're ready, just make a request for deletion on the Stewards' noticeboard. Thank you!

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BrandonWM edited projects, added SSL; removed MediaWiki.