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Request for Extension:RealMe
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The RealMe allows verifying URLs used on user and other wiki pages. It is used by WMF wikis.

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With the latest news, we will no longer add any new extensions.

BrandonWM removed MacFan4000 as the assignee of this task.

Reopening for now per current discussions on Discord/IRC. Feel free to undo though if I am wrong.

AmandaCath subscribed.

WMF extension, so should be good for install.

BrandonWM added a project: BrandonWM .

I'll do somepoint. If someone wants to do it before I can, feel free.

Bukkit moved this task from Radar to Working On on the Bukkit board.

Extensions minimum MediaWiki version is 1.40; cannot be undertaken at this time.

I see a REL1_39 branch for this extension.

Original_Authority changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Dec 1 2023, 17:16


I would like to start by apologizing on the project's behalf that your task was not resolved within a reasonable time. The community has now decided via RfC to merge with WikiTide and former volunteers will be returning and new ones will likely join. A wait such as this one is unlikely to occur again.

Since your task has been opened for a long time, please let us know if (1) you still need it to be done or (2) if it's a bug: if it's still occurring.

Universal_Omega changed the task status from Stalled to Open.Jan 7 2024, 09:31

While I am not the person who originally requested it, I am still interested in having RealMe installed.

Universal_Omega subscribed.

This is now installed and should be available from Special:ManageWiki/extensions shortly.