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Investigate why Splash doesn't work on MediaWiki 1.40
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The skin is currently broken completely on Betaheze and causes problems (500 errors) when enabled and deploying. We must investigate this before the MediaWiki upgrade or disable it temporarily while we find a fix following the upgrade.

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The usual procedure is to try to get the upstream developers to fix it but if they're unable/unwilling to fix it in time then we'd remove.

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I have further tested this extension, and it is fully compatible with MediaWiki 1.40. As such, this can be closed.

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This extension causes 500 errors on Betaheze. We cannot deploy on wikis like that as it makes even disabling the extension via the shell impossible.

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I have tested the extension on WikiForge's beta setup, and the skin does work. Seems to lean towards a Miraheze setup problem as opposed to the skin itself. Disabling temporarily isn't a bad idea.

A stack trace would be most helpful then to figure out what's going on.

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deploy-mediawiki --extension-list was needed to fix this. Just noting if a sysadmin stumbles upon this in the future, errors about an extension being called twice are probably due to extension-list not being updated.