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Extra semantic namespace-support request
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This contributor has recently launched a "Data" namespace on his site (ID 3050) to handle box-office and population statistics connected to his geofictional realms (the recently redone Rogatia is understandably the focus of attention at the moment). As experimentation has progressed over the past few weeks, it has become clear in personal hindsight that box-office chart generation (similar to what Mojo and The Numbers do best) can't be pulled off by DPL3 alone, and it would take too many standard weekend categories to pull it off easily either. Unless I find one more spot or two that could benefit from SMW, that's it for the likes of these requests.

Follow-up to T9650, T10182, T10264, and T10797.

Also filed recently by this contributor: SpriteSheet's inertia (T10512); the FTA namespace's deficiencies (T10518); and raw template-parameter values hashed out instead of values by AutoCreatePage (T10578).