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Reset database for nycsubwaywiki
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Please reset the database for nycsubwaywiki (i.e. completely delete and then immediately recreate the wiki). Once the reset has been completed, please import the ManageWiki backup at and the two XML dump files attached to the task. Thanks!

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AmandaCath triaged this task as Normal priority.May 18 2023, 18:30
AmandaCath created this task.

I believe ManageWiki backups aren't restorable at the moment so you'll have to restore ManageWiki configurations once reset. As for the dump import, please request that on Meta via Special:RequestImportDump and once that's done, we'll proceed with the reset.

If ManageWiki backups aren't restorable, that kind of defeats the purpose of having them, doesn't it? Why is this a feature in DataDump if it doesn't work?

I actually just want to reset the user table of the wiki - to get rid of all of the accounts that were created "automatically" as a result of the template import from ENWP that I did. I accidentally checked the box that said to "assign edits to local users", meaning that any of the accounts in the edit history of ENWP that also have an SUL on Miraheze now have their edits assigned to the Miraheze SUL (including two LTA impersonation accounts), and the interwiki links to the ENWP user pages are broken.

Is it actually possible to just reset the user table without resetting the entire wiki db?

There is no way to reset the user table unfortunately as it breaks MediaWiki entirely.

Can someone else please confirm that ManageWiki backups aren't restorable? Not that I don't trust you, but it seems like a major bug that should be addressed.

Will you proceed with this? Otherwise, this task will be closed soon.

Unfortunately due to IRL circumstances I don't currently have the time to build or maintain the wiki, so I'm not going to go through with any major changes right now.