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Unrestrict IPInfo extension
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I was informed by @Agent_Isai that the IPInfo extension is currently restricted to stewards and system administrators not because of privacy concerns as I originally thought, but rather because of technical issues that are causing the extension to not work properly. Since it appears that IPInfo does not actually produce CheckUser-like data as I thought, and therefore is not a PII situation, I propose that the extension be unrestricted upon upgrade to MediaWiki 1.40, though if it still doesn't function properly perhaps a warning could be added to ManageWiki along the lines of "this extension probably doesn't work, use at your own risk. Complains about it not working will be ignored".

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AmandaCath created this task.

With IP Masking coming up, I'm unsure if this can be considered. Only CVT (not sysadmins) have access to it but it is completely broken outside of Betaheze. This will be dependent on whether this can be fixed on Puppet and on what we decide to do with IP Masking coming up.

IPInfo is most definitely going to expose private data once IP Masking starts but it's minimal (geographic location and ISP). The WMF are asking users to agree not to share the data but no full NDA needs signing.

We need to evaluate what we require.

Going to cc @Owen into this conversation as this is also a legal question concerning personally identifiable information.

Agent_Isai claimed this task.

For now, I'm erring on the side of declining while we see how IP Masking rolls out. Once we have more information on that and how it'll work/look like in MediaWiki, we can reconsider this as it'll be a hassle to suddenly yank this from users in the future.