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Semantic namespace-support request
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Long on my site's backburner, semantic support for the "Backstory" namespace (ID 3044) was first proposed at the Stewards' noticeboard last May; this relisted pitch may as well be our last such go-round for now or for good. ("Backstory" contains in-universe info on elements found in my creative-venture projects.)

Follow-up to T9650, T10182, and T10264.

Also filed recently by this contributor: SpriteSheet's inertia (T10512); the FTA namespace's deficiencies (T10518); the lack of results whenever one searches for "from" on a Miraheze wiki (T10560); raw template-parameter values hashed out instead of values by AutoCreatePage (T10578); and SMW not recognising the "Geographic coordinates" type although Maps is already turned on for it (T10611).