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Allow for different close reasons (dropdown)
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Ever since ManageWiki was first created we've always had a boolean close. While this has worked fairly well it also can cause confusion in some areas. In terms of sitenotices (see parent task T4164) it's confusing when the sitenotice says a wiki was closed for inactivity when in fact it wasn't. In terms of Stewards and reopening wikis, it means that they need to check Meta logs and local logs to determine why the wiki was closed and whether it's eligible to be reopened under the Dormancy Policy.

Therefore, I propose we create an extra field (cw_closed_reason) with the following dropdowns. Only 'managewiki-restricted' should have the possibility to actually modify the field however, since bureaucrats can only close a wiki for one of the reasons.

  • Closed for inactivity: This status only applies when a wiki is closed by the manageInactiveWikis.php script
  • Closed by bureaucrat: This status is the 'default' in ManageWiki so that when a bureaucrat closes a wiki it shows up
  • Closed for policy violations (Steward): this status is only available to 'managewiki-restricted'
  • Closed for policy violations (Trust & Safety) : this status is only available to 'managewiki-restricted'

(So basically the dropdown should be greyed out except for managewiki-restricted and the default is closed by bureaucrat.

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Declining for now in favour of a more simplified approach which will be detailed in the parent sitenotice task