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Import Wiki Images
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I have submitted XML import dump #308 to Wiki:
I also need to import the images to Wiki: This is from Wiki:

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Bukkit triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 25 2023, 21:40
Bukkit added projects: MediaWiki, MediaWiki (SRE).

Hi..Now the wiki needed to import from ( ) has a problem. It's not showing any images. Is this related to my request? why is it taking so much time?

No, it is not related to this request, see T10717 for what's going on with the images. There's mainly three reasons why this hasn't been done yet, number 1 is that this task involves a Swift download, which I'm a bit reluctant to do because of issues with it when downloading on another wiki (T10618#215113). Number 2 is that this is impossible until T10717 is solved, as Swift currently doesn't work. And number 3 is that the MediaWiki team consists of three people, one of which, @Reception123, is already being stretched thin, basically doing multiple roles internally. With 50 open normal priority tasks, I at least am dedicating my limited time and energy volunteering on the technical side to tasks involving wiki functionality being broken, like T10476 and T10714.

@SECC Really sorry for the delay. Just to be clear, you want all seccdxmodelwiki images to be imported on seccdxwiki?

any updates concerning the images import?