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Reassign edit history
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Can you reassign the edit history of South Texas Retail and Retailfan2292 to Tag2292 please?

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Tag2292 triaged this task as High priority.Mar 19 2023, 18:47
Tag2292 created this task.
Void lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Mar 19 2023, 18:59
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Hi, is it possible to get confirmation from those accounts approving the reattribution?

If these are accounts you can log into, either make an edit confirming this request, or comment on this task.

It won't let me log into them from here so I'll just confirm from here then

I still can't log into the other two accounts

Because I'm still not getting a response from you guys

I put on the user pages for my other two accounts "I would like the edits history of this account to be reassigned to my new account, Tag2292" Can you take care of it now please?

Please be patient. We are volunteers, and with the recent resignations, we are severely understaffed, and so responses will not be quick.

I apologize, I just wasn't sure if you got the message or not

Bukkit subscribed.

I apologize, I just wasn't sure if you got the message or not

If it appears on your end, chances are, it got sent. As previously stated before, we are volunteers, we aren't able to immediately go through messages as we do this on our own time.

I accidently removed it from Retailfan2292 but it should be on there again now

This is now done.