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Extension Review: Semantic Scribunto
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I previously requested adding Semantic Scribunto to my wiki a year ago (T9196) but it was declined due to the way that it was loaded. I was told to wait until 1.39 to revisit it so I am requesting another look please.


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BrandonWM triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 17 2023, 14:18
Unknown Object (User) unsubscribed.Mar 18 2023, 03:20

Hey, is there any update for this?


I would like to start by apologizing on the project's behalf that your task was not resolved within a reasonable time. The community has now decided via RfC to merge with WikiTide and former volunteers will be returning and new ones will likely join. An event such as this one is unlikely to occur again.

Since your task has been opened for a long time, please let us know if (1) you still need it to be done or (2) if it's a bug: if it's still occurring.

I'd still like it to be applied please.

Reception123 renamed this task from Add Semantic Scribunto to my wiki to Extension Review: Semantic Scribunto.Jan 4 2024, 19:25