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I'm a sysop on the pathomodding wiki, and I'm requesting an additional interwiki prefix be added to it:


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@Gravel This is not a Phabricator request, it should be made on the Miraheze Discord server or on the community noticeboard on Meta. I'll also note that a requirement for requesting an interwiki prefix is that the requestor is a bureaucrat on the wiki in question. You noted you were a sysop, and I'm not sure if you're a 'crat or not, but just something of note in case you aren't.

When you make a request on Discord/Meta CN, you're also going to want to note your preferences for the forward and translcude options (yes or no), otherwise the prefix can't be added.

@BrandonWM Oh, I see. Thanks! The page that lead me here ( specifically says that submitting requests via Phabricator form is the way to go. Is it outdated?

If you want to request a configuration change for your wiki, then you have come to the right place.
If you want to request an extension and/or configuration change that is not on ManageWiki for your wiki, please use this form.

@Gravel A configuration change and a request for an interwiki prefix to be added are two different things. Interwiki prefixes can be edited directly on-wiki by making a simple change to Special:Interwiki (though it requires a global interwiki administrator to do so). Configuration changes have to be made directly in the source code of Miraheze, which requires a lot more technical expertise. You aren't looking for a config change, you're looking for an interwiki modification. CN or the Discord server will be the best venue.

@BrandonWM Gotcha, thanks :) The Mediawiki guide for applying the change (that assumes I have the permissions to enact such) points towards the main method of doing this requiring one to make changes to the wiki's database server configuration, which is what lead to me to think this.

In spite of that, I actioned your request. But please, per BrandonWM, do well to visit the community noticeboard with requests like this.

@Ugochimobi Thank you so much! Will do.