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Request for loginlock extension for Infopedia
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Hi, I'm WolfMan; I'm here to request a new accretion, if a user is blocked on a wiki but is not able to login to that wiki, for example when a user is blocked globally by the stewards. The account is blocked, similarly I want that if a User is blocked on only one wiki, then he cannot login to that wiki and only the administrator can use this tool.

Ex -
Your account is currently locally locked, so you cannot login required on this wiki.

My wiki url -


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@OrangeStar ; How about if instead of blocking members who make vandalism or disruptive edits, they are blocked from login, like a global lock, shows an error on login, and instead of blocking for a long time, the login itself is blocked. So acts of vandalism or disruptive editing like this harm the content on the wiki.

But blocking already prevents edits, and if it's concerning enough (like cross-wiki vandalism), Stewards and Global Sysops will lock their accounts.

@OrangeStar ; What I mean to say here is that we can prevent accounts from login before editing.

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I highly doubt that we would allow local administrators to be able to prevent users from logging into a wiki. From an administrative perspective, this could be abused to make it difficult for SRE or T&S to perform necessary actions. From a technical perspective, this could easily mess with our global login system and cause a larger headache.

If blocked users are still able to perform a certain action, or should have certain rights revoked, you'll have to make a task to specifically have those rights revoked from blocked users.