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Add a cron to regularly optimise Matomo archive tables
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Today I ran:

./srv/matomo/console database:optimize-archive-tables last2

Which just optimising the last two, cleared about 5GB of storage, through optimisation and may help with some of our piwik database size issues. Additionally this should probably be in the cron script also:

./srv/matomo/console database:optimize-archive-tables january

All annual data is included in January, and additionally, the Matomo docs mention putting these two as a cron script is recommended and a good idea to do.

I am also not sure if it would be a good idea to run this or not as well:

./srv/matomo/console core:purge-old-archive-data all

The docs state that will:

purge any stale reports in the database as well as reports that were marked for deletion, or were for old date custom ranges, or reports that were invalidated.

I would like to note that it can be significantly slow to run the optimisation, and probably at most it might be good to run once a month.

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Just to note, I have now also ran:

./srv/matomo/console database:optimize-archive-tables all

Which freed a few more GBs.

So should the cron include all of these?

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So should the cron include all of these?

No, just:

./srv/matomo/console database:optimize-archive-tables last2
./srv/matomo/console database:optimize-archive-tables january
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Drafted, should be good for review, though I'll merge in a few days if no objections.