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db112 is running out of disk space
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I'm not sure how we'll resolve this one we are still waiting for the additional disk space for the other cloud storage to be done without that there's not a lot of room to manuver.

root@db112:/srv/mariadb# du -sh /srv/mariadb/** | grep "G"
20G	/srv/mariadb/ibdata1
2.4G	/srv/mariadb/icinga
1.1G	/srv/mariadb/phabricator_daemon
15G	/srv/mariadb/phabricator_file
1.1G	/srv/mariadb/phabricator_metamta
1.8G	/srv/mariadb/phabricator_repository
64G	/srv/mariadb/piwik

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@Paladox is it not possible to get rid of some of the Matomo related disk space? For example, except visits I don't think we necessarily need much data before 2021 let's say.

Assigning to John to decide what should happen.

Will take a look over this later tonight

As mentioned above the ideal I'd say is to get rid of minor data that we realistically won't look back at but keep core ones like visits and maybe country