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Request for Changing wiki url
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Hello sir , I'm here to request for Changing my wiki url at my request.

My Wiki Url -

New Wiki Url -

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Please do not assign tasks to people. They will claim it if they decide to do it.

Please help Me about this 🙏🥺☝️

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Hello Please change My wiki url and my database my wiki url and my new wiki url both given in top comment.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Feb 19 2023, 07:13

Please be patient.

My new wiki database name -Infopedia

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Feb 19 2023, 07:57

This could take from a few hours up to a couple days for someone to get to it. Please be patient.

Can you tell me the exact number of days it will take to complete this work?

No, they cannot. Site Reliability Engineers have a lot on their plate, and cannot be expected to get every request immediately. Someone will process your request as soon as they are able, but many (all) of our engineers have lives outside of Miraheze, so it would frankly be unreasonable to expect that they will be responsive immediately, especially in a volunteer capacity.

It will get done, please have some patience.

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I agree with @BrandonWM and would note that being impatient will not get things done faster, on the contrary.

Your import has now finished!