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Template transclusion not updating
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List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):

  • Add an item to a navbox template
  • Wait one or two minutes
  • Visit the pages linked in the navbox template

What happens?:
Not all pages updated with the newer version of the template. Only some pages that work.
I even wait for about 24 hours and revisit those not updated pages, but they still the same.
To solve it, I must purge the page manually or make a null edit there.

What should have happened instead?:
All pages should use the newer version of the template automatically.
No need to purge the page or make a null edit.

Browser information, screenshots and other applicable information:
Last time, I'm having the issue with this template:

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SRE, I think all this needs is a maintenance script run for the wiki, I remember facing the same issues on my wiki once upon a time.

So, can someone run the maintenance script, since I'm still having this issue.
And maybe there is someone kind enough to tell me what will this script do if being run?

Today, I edited Template:NavboxEvent to add "Forest Carnival". Some pages are updated, but these ones are not: Prologue, Prologue/Transcript, Zest_for_Life/Transcript, Idol_Fest/Transcript, Astral_Duo/Transcript, Eerie_Escapade/Transcript, Festive_Glimmer/Transcript, and Silver_Miracle/Transcript.

And, I edited Template:NavboxAlly to add "Spring Chaos" and "Afternoon Daze", and after random sampling, none of the pages include this new data.

I also found interesting fact (that maybe useful to solve this issue): All pages that not updated somehow also not being listed as transclusion in Special:WhatLinksHere, although they are directly call the template in the article.

This time, I have not manually purge or null edit those pages, in case someone want to dig deeper what's wrong with them.

Reception123 claimed this task.

refreshLinks.php is being ran and this just resolved the issue for another wiki that had the same thing.