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Investigate session issues with users getting logged out
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It seems that every once in a while users, including myself are getting logged out from wikis. This is likely due to some issue with session cache or something. We should investigate why it keeps happening.

At least 10 users have already reported issues via IRC or Discord, and this seems to be a pretty widespread issue.

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For additional context, I have been logged out of my Miraheze account every morning for the past few days. I've reloaded the page and just have been randomly logged out without any reason. It also randomly occurs whenever I visit my personal wiki. I log on to brandonwmwiki to make some edits and then go back to Meta and find myself globally logged out.

Not sure if this helps, but thought I'd add it just in case.

EDIT 2/7 11:08pm PT: I was logged out again without cause, abrupt and random. Nothing out of the ordinary being done, just regular Miraheze work.

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These seems to have been resolved when I rebooted mem131 a couple of days ago. If it still happens for users, this task can be reopened.

Reopening as this has been happening to me again recently (though less frequently) and may be for more users as well.

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Still occurring for me, almost daily. Have any other users encountered issues?

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I am no longer investigating this issue, as I have run out of ideas, personally.

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Still happens for me about once a week now though.

Happening for me too. It occurs less frequently, and not on all wikis at once.

Just got logged out on conworldswiki and edited without realizing that. Had to have it oversighted. It's a problem.

It happens to me around every 2 days. Just happened when visiting memeswiki.

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It appears that this has been resolved for now. If it pops up again, this task can of course be reopened, but I personally have not had session logout issues in a few days, and Universal Omega has communicated to me that they've implemented a fix to attempt to solve the issue. This seems to have worked.