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Extension request: Semantic Drilldown
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A counterpart to Semantic MediaWiki, Semantic Drilldown "provides a [Special:Browse] page for drilling down through a site's data, using categories and filters on semantic properties. It is heavily tied in with the SMW extension, and is meant to be used for structured data that has semantic markup."

Drilldown was also available on Yaron Koren's Referata back when that service was active; that much I realised during last month's round of imports from the original Dixwell Dossier which it hosted. (Specifically, thanks to the "Filter" bits in the "Tracks" category description minutes before original press time at the Stewards' noticeboard on January 15.)

On SN, the extension was also previously mentioned early last June in this request by alicesoft bureaucrat Alto the Reaper.

Filing here at the behest of @Agent_Isai after a week-long delay caused by overwhelm from babysitting and mapmaking duties. (Typed from my new Dell Inspiron, where my long-gestating geofiction project is currently being revived.)

Also on this contributor's roadmap:

  • Semantic Result Formats (T9287#197079), pending feedback for a Miraheze-specific compatibility patch at GitHub
  • Score, now on the long-term backburner unless demand/interest perks up; I might as well like it to come to my site in the next 1-2 months (T5863). (On hold till after--and only after--Miraheze moves to MW 1.39.)
  • Renewing RegexFunctions after infrastructural/SRF issues have been sorted out; already disabled per T8866

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FYI whoever ends up reviewing this, this extension had a serious vulnerability not too long ago.


I would like to start by apologizing on the project's behalf that your task was not resolved within a reasonable time. The community has now decided via RfC to merge with WikiTide and former volunteers will be returning and new ones will likely join. An event such as this one is unlikely to occur again.

Since your task has been opened for a long time, please let us know if (1) you still need it to be done or (2) if it's a bug: if it's still occurring.

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This is already in mediawiki-repos just needs in ManageWikiExtensions now.