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SSL for custom domain:
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I was recently made admin by Gustavio Bintekas. Since the rest of the admins are inactive, I prefer to add the subdomain of the domain I currently use :)

Wiki URL:

Your custom domain:

Do you want Let's Encrypt: Yes

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Herald added subscribers: Unknown Object (User), Unknown Object (User), Reception123. · View Herald TranscriptJan 31 2023, 10:46

@Taxcymus Is there also community consensus to change the domain? Can you also prove that all the other admins are inactive/don't have a say in this?


In the Admins lists we appear 4 and 2 have not shown any activity within the wiki for a year ago.
I proposed this plan to Bintenkas (the other admin) on Discord and wrote it up on the wiki, and he already approved it :)
(admin 1 and admin 2 are current inactive in this wiki).
Project idea and Bintekas signature

I look forward to your response, regards!

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Feb 5 2023, 01:03

There must be approval of all the bureaucrats or a community discussion in its stead.

Reception123 claimed this task.

No response. Please feel free to reopen after you are able to confirm the approval of bureaucrats or alternatively a community vote.


I did a community vote to see what users think. It has been open for weeks to give more users the chance to vote. Seeing that more than one user finally voted, I attach a link here. To make it transparent and public, I made it known through sitenotice, here is the history of when it was added. I hope it can be accepted! Thank you for waiting!