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Inconsistent Wikibase behavior
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I have decided to reactivate one of my wikis and use Wikibase to help (the wiki is private but SRE/MH admins can access).
However after hours of waiting it seems like something is stuck, and an odd/inconsistent behavior persists across some pages:

  • The Special Pages introduced by Wikibase do not always work (such as Special:NewItem and Special:NewProperty)
    • and the Special Pages also do not show up on Special:SpecialPages for some reason
  • Items and Property pages do not always work. Sometimes you can refresh and it shows the intended item, but other times it shows as if it's a non-existent article

I have to keep (hard) refreshing a lot just to make the items and others show up, so I wonder if it's a cache issue.
Tested on both Chromium and Gecko (Firefox) and it displays the same behavior (so not a client-side issue).

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Oops, it's private, so I can't really access or investigate.

I don't know if something was changed but it's working normally now... after 2 days
I'll close this task but I will keep an eye on any problem that may arise

Welp, expect funny behaviour for private wikis.